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Diamond Flexible Packaging is committed to sustainability.  We have made significant investments in technology, equipment, and processes to ensure that our company delivers the best products to our customers with the least amount of environmental impact.

We strive to lower the overall carbon footprint by partnering with domestic suppliers that invest in research and development, continuous improvements in facilities, processes, and equipment. Additionally, these goods travel shorter distances which lowers the overall environmental impact.

By nature, flexible packaging is more environmentally friendly than its rigid counterparts. The manufacturing and converting processes for flexible packaging tend to use less natural resources, energy, and CO2 than other forms of rigid packaging.

Commitment to sustainability


  • Efficient printing press
    • The new UTECO ONYX 108 flexographic printing press has advanced our company’s sustainability efforts by generating less waste and improving set-up times. The 49-inch press is capable of printing speeds up to 1400 feet per minute and is equipped with UTECO’s Kiss-N-Go technology for automatic impression setting, Easy-Reg technology for registration and an automatic ink supply and wash-up system.
    • Fast changeovers
    • Reduced scrap rates
    • Fewer inks and solvents used
    • Less energy
  • ISTPure Solvent Recycler (We invested in a solvent recovery system and are moving to more formulas that use low or no solvents.)
    • Reduce solvent usage by 95%
    • Distallation process provides a cleaner end product
  • Solventless laminations


  • A key element in a waste management program
  • We recycle a large portion of our manufacturing waste, thus significantly reducing the amount of material that ends up in landfills.

Environmental Ethics

  • Minimize or eliminate harmful emissions which react in the atmosphere to produce acidification
  • Established processes are in place that protect our ecosystem and guard against pollution of groundwater

Human Health

  • Providing a safe, non-toxic environment in which our employees and neighbors can thrive and flourish

Energy Use

  • Today we have internal programs that minimize electricity use by incorporating motion sensors in our warehouses and offices.

Diamond Flexible Packaging is dedicated to maintaining a healthy environment for the benefit of future generations. Commitment to environmental sustainability is evident in our selection of raw materials, product development, and manufacturing practices. 

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