Frozen Food Packaging

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Diamond Flexible Packaging is proud to serve the frozen food industry. We make sure our packaging products are made with domestically-sourced raw materials. From printing to converting, we have everything needed to complete this process. Our wide variety of custom printed pouches and roll stock film make us a great fit for your frozen food packaging needs.

Diamond Flexible Packaging stands out from its competitors by providing fast turn-around times, high-quality products, and our Pay As You Go managed inventory program. We provide packaging solutions in 10-color processing printing on a wide variety of film gauges and widths making it easy to print company and brand logos, names, graphics and nutrition labels.

Frozen Food Resealable Pouches

We have FDA approved films for direct food contact. Our resealable pouches are commonly used in the frozen food industry, due to the films high-barrier properties to keep these foods fresh.

  • Stand-Up Pouches: Our stand-up pouches are often used for frozen food applications. We make sure these pouches are created for attractive shelf appeal. All of the stand-up pouches come in various resealable and nonresealable forms.
  • Zip-Top Pouches: Our press to close resealable pouches are offered in many configurations for frozen foods. Whether you have frozen meats, vegetables, frozen fruit, breads, these pouches are a great option.
  • Roll-Stock Film: Roll-stock film, also known as roll-fed film is commonly used among frozen food packaging. This film creates a tighter fit around your product and it reduces waste. Roll stock film can be adapted to nearly any size of frozen food packaging.

By using a single, flexible frozen food packaging solution you can present customers with an eye-catching, branded package that can retain freshness thanks to our premium materials. We have FDA Approved films for direct food contact. Choose Diamond Flexible Packaging for your frozen food packaging needs. Give us a call today at 800-654-2856.