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At Diamond Flexible Packaging, we have years of experience printing on substrates used in a wide variety of applications including form/fill/seal (FFS), pouches, and custom bags. We pair a team of experienced printing professionals with the best technology and printing procedures to produce the highest quality products.

That’s why we’re excited to announce our printing capabilities have expanded thanks to our new UTECO ONYX 108 flexographic printing press. This 10-color, high-resolution press is capable of printing photo quality images.

Flexographic Printing Press Capabilities

The UTECO flexographic printing press can handle anything from simple line work to complex process jobs with picture-perfect precision. The advanced technology of our defect detection system allows us to actively monitor print quality by taking continuous snapshots of the web. The images are compared to a master image and any defects are recorded while the operator is alerted.

Our new flexographic printing press runs at speeds of up to 1,400 feet per minute which gives us a competitive advantage that we pass along to our customers. The flexographic printing press is equipped with all the latest flexographic printing press enhancements including Direct Drive Evo technology, a patented process used to ensure optimum dot quality by flanging the CI drum and the plane sleeve mandrels directly into their drive motors. PCT (Press Control During Transition) is a UTECO platform for low waste and fast setting of printing pressures (Touch & Go + Kiss & Go) and registers (Click & Drag).

This supports Diamond’s efforts at increasing sustainability through production efficiencies and much lower material waste. PTC (Predictable Toque Control) is a software system that allows predictive control of plate mandrel servomotor’s torque in varying print conditions to ensure best available print register accuracy. Please Click Here to give us a review.




Quality Inks

Our flexographic printing press also boasts an intelligent, automated ink dispensing system that records all ink information for later jobs as well as quality and environmental information making our printing department an industry leader. We also use high-quality inks that flow through a digitally controlled dispensing system to ensure consistency throughout short and long print runs.

Diamond Flexible Packaging goes the extra mile by providing X-Rite color matching and modern scanning systems to ensure the highest quality color matching, graphics, and UPC scan quality. Our processes and equipment reduce color matching time while registration and impression settings are automated. Our use of high-end photopolymer printing plates further enhances our ability to deliver a great end product. All ancillary items like inks, sleeves, plates, and aniloxes are rigorously inspected and maintained to yield consistent color, registration, and resolution.

Variety of Substrates

Diamond Flexible Packaging uses a wide variety of quality films.

Common films include:

  • Polyethylene Blends
  • Shrink Bundling Films
  • PET
  • Nylon
  • BOPP
  • Cast Polypropylene
  • Metalized films
  • Lidding Film


Some of these films are available in gloss or matte. This matte appearance can also be achieved through our use of specialized varnishes. We look forward to working with you to determine how we can provide you with the most suitable structure for your application. Additional printing capabilities include reverse printing and specialty inks with properties like heat resistance for shrink bundling applications, UV, and matte finish.

Our team has years of experience printing on primary packaging and ensures all the quality checks and procedures each customer needs are in place to ensure a superior package able to hold food, beverage, cosmetics, retail, pet food or any other sensitive material.

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