Stand Up Pouches

Stand Up Pouches

For stand up pouches manufacturing, Diamond Flexible Packaging is the converter’s converter of pre-made pouches. They have changed the history of pre-made packaging for many packaging needs including coffee, dried fruit, nuts and many more.

Stand Up Pouch Options

The stand up pouch options can be applied across every pouch application. The endless options allow you to create a custom package that suits the needs of your product and your consumers, while having great shelf appeal. Some of the many different possibilities include:

  • Sliders for reseal, including hooded or standard
  • Materials such as polypropylene, cellophane and more
  • Clear or opaque look that can be applied to the pouch sides or bottom gussets
  • Press to Close Pouches
  • Quad seal Pouches for large capacity options

We can work with you to choose from the highest quality packaging to find a solution for the type of pouch needed for your application.

Benefits of Stand Up Pouches

  • Holds freshness longer by keeping the air out, making them the optimal product for  food and pet food packaging
  • Have proven very successful in shelf appeal in competitive display environments
  • Can reduce the room needed for storage and delivery, minimizing your cost and your carbon footprint

At Diamond Flexible Packaging, we have the capability to manufacture numerous varieties of pre-made stand up pouches, each specific to your individual need. Contact us to get started finding the perfect bag for you!



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