Three Side Seal Pouches

Non-Resealable Pouches

Non-resealable pouches, also known as 3 side seal pouches, include a traditional lay flat pouch a retort pouches. These don’t include a resealable feature once opened, such as a slider or zipper. These allow for a full wrap around graphic option. These types of pouches allow for high speed and high volume runs.

These bags have a three side seal to allow the customer to fill the bag with the desired product. The last seal is later applied by heat sealing. These bags come in various sizes and materials and include custom options, such as holes, tear notches or rounded corners. Talk to a Diamond Flexible Packaging specialist to find the best option for your needs. 

Characteristics of Three Seal Pouches

  • Can be bottom gusseted
  • Cannot be closed after opening
  • Typically run at high speeds and multiple lanes to ensure a highly competitive product
  • Custom features, such as rounded corners, tear notches & holes

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