Pouch Types & Shapes

Diamond Flexible Packaging provides a variety of types of pouches, including pre-made stand up pouches and custom bags featuring re-sealable and non-resealable designs that are ideal for perishable and non-perishable applications.

As the industry leader of the highest-quality, custom-flexible packaging, we offer the largest selection of stand up pouches and pre-made bags to fit any application. Plus, Diamond Flexible will convert many laminated or coextruded structures to fit your specific pre-made pouch needs.

Diamond Flexible Packaging offers a full compliment of slider pouches, side-gusseted quad seal pouches, side-gusseted slider pouches, press-to-close pouches, and non-recloseable pouches. We also offer other choices in materials for your custom pouch or custom bag applications including polyethylene, polypropylene, cast polypropylene and cellophane.     

Call Diamond Flexible Packaging today and we will meet all your pre-made pouch and custom-made bag needs.