Powdered & Granulated Product Pouches

Historically, granulated products have been mostly offered in rigid packaging. More recently, there has been a trend in powdered and granulated products moving to a more flexible packaging option. Flexible packaging, such as stand up pouches, offers cost savings, functionality & sustainability. There are also many different options for customization, including shapes, materials and resealability.

Diamond Flexible Packaging has a great option for powdered products, offering the Pactiv Powderproof Slider. As the slider moves, the “plow” clears away the powder debris on the top portion of the bag. This can be very important for powdered packaging, as it will not re-engage positively if there is extra debris.

Powdered Product Pouch Applications

  • Granulated Sugar
  • Powdered Drinks
  • Powdered Dietary Supplements
  • Potting Soils

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