Custom Pouch Manufacturer

Custom Pouch Applications

Diamond Flexible Packaging offers the largest selection of pre-made pouches and packages that are ideal for industrial and commercial applications.

Food-Product Packaging

Food-product manufacturers require packing that is durable, consistent, flexible and re-sealable. Diamond Flexible Packaging meets the freshness needs that food manufacturers require with the largest variety of pre-made, re-sealable pouches and bags.


Pet-Food Packaging

The pet-food industry represents the fastest-growing segment for stand-up pouches and quad seal bags in press-to-close and slider configurations. Diamond Flexible Packaging has met this need with the largest selection of pet-food packaging available, featuring unique sizes, sealing options, and design options.

Powdered and Granulated Product Packaging

Flexible packaging is becoming the preferred container for powdered and granulated products because of its flexibility, cost savings, functionality and sustainability. We manufacture an assortment of packaging applications ideal for powdered and granulated products, such as potting soil or granulated sugar.

Diamond Flexible Packaging is the industry leader of the highest-quality, custom-flexible packaging, offering a large variety of pouches and bags made to fit many food packaging and industrial packaging applications. Plus, Diamond Flexible will convert most laminated or coextruded structures to fit your specific pre-made pouch application. 

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