Custom Cello Bags

Custom Cello Bags

Cellophane bags (known as "cello" bags for short) are made from thin, transparent sheets of regenerated cellulose. Cellophane’s low permeability to air, oils, grease and bacteria make it ideal for food packaging and other perishables. Diamond Flexible Packaging manufactures a complete line of flat and gusseted cellophane bags designed to meet all your industrial and food-grade, cellophane-bagging needs.

Cellophane Bag Benefits:

  • Diamond Flexible Packaging cellophane bags meet all FDA requirements
  • Numerous pre-made shapes and sizes for ideal cost savings
  • Full variety of flat and gusseted cellophane bags
  • Back seam and crimped bottom-sides available

All Diamond Flexible Packaging cellophane bags provide superior clarity and printable surfaces for optimal product presentations and marketing needs, which can be delivered plain or with your multi-colored designs.

Custom applications are also available to fit your unique specifications in a variety of materials including polyethylene, polypropylene, cast polypropylene and cellophane.    

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