Custom Flexible Bag Types & Materials

Types Of Bags

Flexible packaging solution provider producing a wide range of plastic bags.

We offer a variety of custom flexible bag types and materials. Diamond Flexible Packaging is the leading poly bag supplier serving the food and product packaging markets, delivering customized, high quality print solutions for plastic bags, pouches and other packaging options. When you need a poly bag or pouch that is practical, affordable and does justice to your product and brand image, Diamond is your best choice.

Quick turnaround and unbeatable quality coupled with excellent customer service is why our customers depend on us as their custom flexible packaging solution provider. Headquartered in Northbrook, Illinois, our strategic partnership with PACTIV and our qualifications helps us reach out and cater to the needs of our customers across the globe. Our biggest advantage to customers is that we are vertically integrated, producing the plastic film, designing the graphics, printing and manufacturing the bag or pouch all in-house. That’s how we keep both, quality and delivery timelines, completely in our control.