Custom Bulk Packaging Bags

Diamond Flexible Packaging's custom bags can be used in a large variety of applications. Our experienced team knows how to work with your specifications to provide the most efficient and high quality products. We have experience manufacturing bags for

  • General parts packaging
  • Numerous retail products
  • Advertising bags
  • Door hanger bags
  • Magazine protectors
  • Pet snacks and treats
  • Medical related products

We provide a variety of material structures depending on the application. Typical materials will be low density polyethylene (LDPE) and polyethylene blends, high density polyethylene (HDPE), cast polypropylene (CPP), and oriented polypropylene (OPP).

Our bags are completely customizable including shape, size, closure options and design. Our additional services allow us to create your dream packaging solution for your new or established product. When it comes to remaining competitive in the marketplace, product packaging is key. Diamond Flexible Packaging can help you stand out among the crowd with high quality and high functioning packaging products.

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